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No, I am getting off tumblr right now.

I have a project due tomorrow for History and I haven’t done a thing.

Gotta write about the Holocaust.

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((haha! have you played Kingdom Hearts before? If so, i might give you a list of urls for muses, if you ask nicely ;D))

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Trying to figure out what she was going to do about this situation she was in, the blond female decided to grab a small note pad from her room, before exiting it. Just in case she runs into someone or if someone tries to start a conversation with her, it would be best from the small blond to have something to communicate with. Sure she had her phone too, but if she were to meet someone she didn’t know, writing on paper would be better than texting.


After leaving her room, the female left her home and began walking through the streets of Shibuya once more. Rhyme knew that not being able to talk wasn’t such a big deal, but the fact that she lived in a loud city was. Heck if Beat were to find out about this, he would have a field day and try to hunt down the gray face who did this to her.

Not to mention the fact that she has to kiss someone in order for this spell to break.

As she was walking through scramble crossing, Rhyme didn’t notice a certain person looking towards her direction. It wasn’t until she had took the moment to stop, is when she turned around to someone speaking to her. Rhyme smiled and waved.

A smile.

A wave.

Was that all he was getting?

What a waste of time, perhaps. Probably the only time he’d say—think that. He tried avoiding conversations and people talking and the time he actually wants to speak to someone, all he gets is a smile and a wave? What a joke. Sometimes, Neku wonders why he still bothers with some people. But, he tried again. “And, why aren’t you talking?” He raised an annoyed brow down at the female.

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Pressing her lips together, the small blond female began wondering what she should do now. She couldn’t speak for three days and the only way out was if she was kissed by her friend. But she didn’t want to do that to him, especially since she knew that he already had someone else he liked. But the gray face had specificily told her that she couldn’t talk for three days unless Sora kissed her and if he doesn’t, then she would turn into a mermaid.

Now she didn’t mind being turned into a mermaid and that is what most likely will happen to her since she didn’t want to bother Sora. Besides, how will she get him to do so anyways? She couldn’t speak, so unless Rhyme writes it down on something, he won’t even know about this. The blond sighed.

‘This is going to be a long three days’ she thought, frowning a bit to herself.

Neku found himself stopping.

It’s been a long time since he’s last been in Shibuya and, as much as he hated this place, he sorta missed it. From the streets, the gossip, the crosswalkers, the food stands, and — yeah, he started to remember why he hated this place. But, the redhead found himself sighing. There’s no going back. Neku’s already here, might as well see if he can happen-ly find Shiki about.

His gaze looked up, seeing a blonde haired girl not too far away and, she caught his attention, oddly. The only reason Neku found himself wanting to talk to her was due to the fact she looked familiar.

A foot after another, the music lover stopped when he finally reached her, letting hands fall into pockets.


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"Shut up, too much noise — much more noise then there should be leaving your mouth."

Haha, little old Neku.




“Ego? Me? As if. Can’t you just admit to it? It’s pretty plain and simple. I missed you as well, so don’t feel so bad.”

"Admitting I "missed you" is like admitting to murder. So, think I’ll pass."

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